Co-Founder at VALDI: Building the world’s largest and most powerful computer
CLOUD for ALL –> AI for GOOD
VALDI Cloud: Lower cloud costs by over 50%
VALDI Cloud infrastructure for Generative AI
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Honored to serve on Earthshot

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Member of the Advisory Council of Caltech’s Computer Science Department (IST Division)

Co-Founder of ObEN, a Personal AI digital copy for every person
Investors include Softbank Ventures, Tencent and HTC Vive
Joint Venture with SM Entertainment
Joint Venture with Yoshimoto Kogyo
Original vision: The Life of Voice
Meet my Personal AI
Proud of and wouldn’t be possible without

Patent co-inventor: Creation and Application of Audio Avatars from Human Voices

Whitepaper co-author: Blockchain Web Services: A Proof of Useful Work for Computation on the Blockchain

Select Writings:
Building a Humanistic Information Economy

Select talks:
Mind and Machine

Upcoming Hikes:
North Rim to South Rim Day Hike (Oct 2023)

Recent Hikes:
Agnew Meadows to Thousand Island Lake
Bell Rock

Late night reading list:
Foundation series
The Snowball: Warren Buffet and the Business of Life
Sophie’s World
Socrates Express
First Principles
Surprise, Kill, Vanish
The Bitcoin Standard
Can’t Hurt Me

Sam Harris Making Sense
Lex Fridman

Home screen apps:
Heart Analyzer

New ventures interests/ ideas in:
Climate change

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